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Favorite Books, Blogs & Websites

I’ve been a reader all my life, and whilst books are still my first passion, and I salivate over glossy travel magazines, of course these days I’m reading more and more (and even more!) online.

This list will, probably, never be up-to-date, but it’s an attempt at least:


The Wet Stuff  Much bias here, because this is my son, Austin’s, blog. January 2013 he began. He travels the way I would love to have done had my younger life gone differently – i.e. he sails –  but he’s fanatical about just about any water activity – hence the name – surfing, diving, swimming (triathlons) and the latest is paddle boarding. He’s begun to write for the love of it, and to share his love of all things ocean-based.

Geogypsy has a lifestyle I envy! Living half the year in Arizona and wintering in Africa (well, at least since I’ve been following her adventures!) Gaelyn did away with much of life’s encumberances some years ago, and has been an RVer since 1997.  The blog of one Mike Sowden. Frankly if he rewrote the alphabet it would be worth reading. His writing, quite simply, makes my heart sing. Mike writes about travel, but he also writes about writing. He’s a storyteller, with a wicked sense of humor.

Roads and Kingdoms  this is one, exceptional blog. For one thing it’s written by professional writers, three journalists, but retains the personal feel, and yet without resorting to the colloquial. It’s writing, real writing, not a couple of paragraphs. You need a decent attention span, but it will not disappointment you. It isn’t just about travel, it’s about music and food too, and sometimes politics – all the things, in other words, which make life worthwhile.

Stories of Conflict & Love  This is a most extraordinary blog, definitely it’s gorgeous writing, and the best I can do is to quote its author who says her blog comes under no one heading. It’s about travel and wanderlust, but she is a “conflict management professional specialising in the effects of war and conflict on women,” so it’s also about conflict and aid, and yet also photography and literature.  Currently doing post-grad work the wandering has come to a halt, but she makes that sound like poetry too. Read it!

Travel Adventures, Experiences, Tips & Information on Places and How to Get There

BoomerWomen Travelers  This recent (February 2013) addition to my reading is going to be a huge hit in the online travel world, or in the travel world in general. Baby Boomers are the first genertion with such enormous influence, by sheer number we’ve always been a driving market force. Now the first generation Boomers (like me) are reaching maturity, and influencing travel and destinations, because we can!  If not the first women ever to travel solo, certainly the first to do so in such numbers, and with such freedom. I’m very proud to have been asked to contribute to the initial launch issue, and totally support the idea of women supporting other women in their traveldreams – especially those of us who aren’t kids any more.  written by Barbara Weibel, a woman after my own heart, who threw up the 9 to 5 in favor of following her dreams, and who succeeds beautifully if her writing and photography are anything to judge by. She really gets under the skin of a place.

Legal Nomads Jodi Ettenberg describes herself as eating her way around the world, but her blog is one of the best & most articulate I know. She’s been traveling for a few years now, and the focus has turned more and more to food, about which she writes with true passion. It’s also a lot of fun.

LL World Tour Getting to know Lisa Lubin online at least, over the last year or so had been eye opening. To come across somone so young who has been traveling and who eschewed the conventional life, and who is so professional and confident has been a pleasure.   Journeywoman has been in this business, it seems, forever. I remember references to her in books, long before I was so involved in the blogging world. Her guide to travel for women covers just about anything you want to know about traveling solo and aimed specifically at women….and that’s saying something!  Katrina Stovold is, simply, mad about travel,  has insatiable curiosity about things, and likes to look on the sunny side of life. She doesn’t always choose the obvious things to write about.  Elaine has been exploring the world for a few years now, both slowly (3 years in Vietnam) and sometimes more quickly. She is also someone who seeks out the not-so-obvious and who writes in friendly, easy-to-read fashion.

Railway  Train travel was an early passion of mine, though not indulged in nearly as much as I would like! This is the site to fuel my fantasies!  Lisa of the Chickybus isn’t in constant motion like some travel bloggers, but her journeys are meaningful and full of rich experiences from which she sucks the maximum!

Traveling with Sweeney Cathy Sweeney’s blog I like especially because although we’ve never met the way she writes makes me feel as if I know her! And her enthusiasm for travel just zings out of every post.

Easyhiker  although the blog’s niche is walking, they are all very do-able walks, many in cities, and many of them are packed with history too. If you like to be outdoors and want to explore the country or city, this is a marvelous guide.

Live Share Travel is the blog to make you sigh. It’s about how we can make luxury travel affordable. Sarah and Terry have a very professional approach to blogging, and, well, just look and drool!

Canary Islands

Desiree Martin Blog  Desi is a very talented Canarian photographer. Her photos will show you more about the “real” Canary Islands than any other blog I know.

Walking Tenerife  For walkers and hikers: Andy and Jack have lived in Tenerife for many years now, and have walked just about every inch of it!

Real Tenerife  Andy and Jack again – intending, and with much success, to give you an all encompassing picture of the reality of Tenerife, and not just the tour operator bumf.

Secret Tenerife  brings you links to lots of local, English-language web sites, blogs and news.  Take a look there before you Google.

Janet  read Janet’s own introduction – she aims to provide accurate and up-to-date information both for ex-pats and those proposing to be such.

Tenerife  English language, online news magazine about happenings on the island.

La Gomera Island Personal blog in English about day to day happenings on one of the smaller Canary Islands, la Gomera. If you’re a fan of the island, keep up to date by following.

And, finally, in this section Wikipedia’s take on the Canary Islands.

Photography the stunning nature and adventure photography of the sadly-missed Galen Rowell, a hero of mine for many years. Phillip Plisson is another hero of mine. His photographs of the ocean in all her moods are unrivalled. I’m lost for words when it comes to saying something about Steve McCurry. His photographs speak for him. If you don’t know his work click right now!

Fotoperiodismo is the blog of Arturo Rodrigez, award-winning Canarian press photographer.

Ken Kaminesky  Amazing travel photos ……. guaranteed to give you itchy feet!  Great site for us amateurs full of tips for taking better photos and links to inspiring sites.

The Environment/Nature/Making the World a Bit Better

Animal Trafficking  You’ll be surprised at how widespread and under-reported the trafficking of wild animals is.

The Story of Stuff  is a project aimed at breaking down the information about why and how we need to take better care of this planet, and how we all can do our bit, into everyday language and diagrams. Great resource for spreading the word.

The Millenium Goals  are a UN initiative aimed at reducing the principle reasons for world poverty by 2015. We still have a long way to go, and only 3+ years left as I type this.

Global Help Swap  I had the pleasure of meeting Paul and Karen in Ireland last year, and love their blog, which aims to not only stir wanderlust, but also inspire us to help others when we travel, and last, but not least, to do it all with a smile.


2 thoughts on “Favorite Books, Blogs & Websites

  1. I see that Philip Plisson is a hero of yours! Well, he lives in my home town in Brittany and I grew up with lots of his photos in my house. He is an amazing artist! He is one of the artists/sailors who gave me this passion for travel and discovering new horizons.

    • Oh yes! I think I first noticed his work in some posters which IKEA were selling years and years ago. I looked him up and was simply knocked out by his photos. My son bought me one of his books a few Christmases back, and it sits on top of my pile of photography books so I can look at it often! It seems to be that photography and travel are so often intertwined.

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